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What is print design?



Oftentimes, customers mistake print design with printing because they expect both services to be handled by the same company (usually a design studio). Although this is not the case, nevertheless,

The question of whether or not you design and print, say, billboards or brochures, has undoubtedly previously been put to you by a prospective client. Graphic design studios and designers that focus only on the design process and virtual (digital) goods may want to continue reading if they want to have a better understanding of print design and how to cope with customers who have unreasonable expectations.

What is print design?

As it was previously explained, what many individuals wrongly assume is that graphic design firms also conduct printing. Even if having this service in your line is excellent, many agencies do not perform it and only stick to design.

So, fundamentally, print design is a graphic design process. Its end-product is a design in a digital form (.psd, .tif, .indd, etc.), which then gets printed onto a material, such as paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, ceramics, etc. Print design, however, does NOT include the process of printing, i.e. generating actual copies of documents and other designs.

Print design is done for numerous goals, but the major two are marketing and brand recognition.

Types of print design:

Business card design

What is print design?

Types of print design: Business card design
Business cards are a must in any sort of business as they are a vital element of brand identification. In order to create contacts and grow your circle of business partners (and possible customers), having one such wonderfully produced card is a thing every business person has to have. Business cards normally feature basic personal (business-related) information, such as name, job title, contact information, and, of course, corporate logo and or motto.

Banner design

What is print design?

Banners are developed for the purposes of printing a personal or commercial statement onto a piece of fabric, vinyl, tarp, and occasionally waterproof paper. They may be utilized for branding or commercial objectives, but also for celebrations and other private events. Naturally, they were initially penned or -painted, but are now produced and printed digitally – even on the web, which speeds up the process and enables a professional banner design service and high-quality end.

The design of the cover of a book

What is print design?

‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ is a well-known adage. The book cover design industry, on the other hand, has specific expectations, thus this doesn’t apply in advertising.

Brochure design

What is print design?

Companies typically require brochure print design to showcase their delivery services and goods. Brochures are created on a folded sheet of paper (typically A4, folded three times), or from numerous pages which are sewn together (but not bound) (but not bound). Brochures generally have a logo, CTA, and a website – expertly created coupled with an offer or any other promotional message. We’re delighted to inform you that our brochure design for Largo was selected by DesignRush as one of the greatest examples of print design in 2021/2022.

The design of fliers and flyers

What is print design?

When it comes to print media, fliers (also known as flyers) have a rather simple design. Even though they are among the least expensive advertising options (printed on a sheet of paper no larger than A5 in size), flyers are nevertheless among the most successful since they are distributed to the public directly and so reach the biggest possible audience. People are more likely to respond to printed flyers if the design is compelling.

The design of labels and packaging

Packaging and label design play an important part in attracting consumers and making a product stand out from the competition. Print design for labels and packaging tends to be one of the most innovative since only the most appealing concepts make it to market.

Poster design

What is print design?

Posters are generally giant messages, photographs, or adverts printed on a big sheet of paper. They feature text and pictures combined to deliver a clear message to passers-by but appear best when designed and printed on excellent paper. The choice of color, element location and wording is what combined determines having that message go through on a poster.

Fashionable shopping tote bags

It is essential for businesses who sell goods to provide customers with shopping bags (shoes, jewelry, clothes, cosmetics, etc.). For advertising reasons, they are ideal since they can be used over and over again.
Design by PopArt Studio for the Cake Trix logo, shopping bag, and T-shirt (click on the image to see the project on Behance).

Vinyl wrap (car branding) (car branding)

Vinyl wrap or vehicle wrap is a sort of print design that consists of producing a design that would then be used to cover a vehicle. Similar to shopping bags, this sort of advertising pays off by itself since the odds are that a big number of (different) individuals will be able to view the design while the vehicle is on the move, thereby enhancing brand recognition.

Menu & wine list design

What is print design?

Menus and wine lists are essential working tools in restaurants, cafés, and other catering enterprises. Menus should be developed so as to exhibit the following things: to provide a clear understanding of the food and drink offered (and, of course, price), and represent their purpose and values in a creative and appealing way.

T-shirt design

What is print design?

T-shirt design may be created for advertising objectives (another wonderful sort of very inexpensive promo material) or to express a personal statement about one’s tastes and views (concert/band, tourist memento, course, art, product, etc.). A T-shirt design is normally printed on the front side, but may also be printed both on the front and back or on a sleeve using a textile printer.

Other types of print design

  • Calendar
  • Clothing
  • Flag
  • Folder
  • Gift voucher
  • Greeting card
  • Invitation
  • Leaflet
  • Letterhead
  • Manual design
  • Postcard
  • Sticker
  • Tickets

Customers who desire something you don’t offer:

Remember to always be courteous to your (possible) customers even though it’s irritating to continually repeat that you didn’t print the design they wanted. Tell them that you can’t provide that service, but that you can suggest a printing firm that you’ve worked within the past. It’s possible to generate an avalanche of positive responses by giving every piece of information with a grin.

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