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Top 11 Animation Trends In 2023

Top 11 Animation Trends In 2023

Top 11 Animation Trends In 2023

When you look around in 2023, you’re certain to see some kind of animation. Client and designer teams are coming up with innovative ideas for more colourful and approachable projects. In a surprising turn, creatives are looking to the long and storied analogue traditions of their fields for ideas on how to combine cutting-edge digital methods with time-honored handiwork and aesthetics. One thing is clear in this rapidly developing industry: motion has never been more interesting. The following are the eleven most prominent movements in animation this year.



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Our visual system might use a good sock-kicking every once in a while. Here enters Soft 3D, a lighthearted take on 3D rendering that creates warm, welcoming scenes. Soft 3D’s selective contrast, silky smooth grading, and focus on tangibility are what set it apart from the hand-crafted styles of Claymation and Stop Motion. This aesthetic can be found all the way across the spectrum of animation, from major companies like Illumination to lone wolves like Cobysoft Joe, and it never ceases to delight. Look out this amazifor ng MTV Ident by Laura Sirvent!

Playgrounds in World Construction Version 2.0

What, a continuation? Changing things up a bit? Perhaps a new patch is required. The term “worldbuilding” accurately describes the ever-expanding nature of this field. In recent years, immersive environments have risen to prominence in the public consciousness; how, however, are they influencing the animation and design industries? A playground might be the ideal à la carte method of showcasing your service’s possibilities if your company thrives off of a creative community. Who wouldn’t want to be left out of all this excitement?

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Visit the KK Company’s eye-catching branding to see how its distinctive avatars and enticing future metropolis will get your creative juices flowing and your mind racing with new ideas.


“Show” App Internet Connection Problem Screen George Finnbogason for Geex ArtsFollowHire Us

The practise of craft printing is awesome. The pioneer of hand-set type has made a spectacular recovery after spending the 1980s and 1990s labouring in the shadow of digital printing. The digital arts community has, and will continue to, take inspiration from it. Digital media and conventional printing have many similarities, including the processes of typesetting, photograph transfer, and print illustration. Letterpress’s focus on space, repetition, and strong design while using a single, dual, or tritonal CMYK palette forces designers to be creative and imparts universal design concepts. Did we not comment on the smoothness of it? The same flaws that make traditional print so beautiful also make it so human.

Luxury Low-Fi

Lo-Fi Cyberpunk animated Mohamed ChahinFollow

Collect your glowing orbs and cubes now, since you’ll need them. In order to simplify hard topics like coding and security, using basic shapes may be quite helpful. Mix in some smooth gradients, sunset colours, rounded forms, and thin lines, and you’ve got a powerful blend for both calm and excitement. The UI & Chill aesthetic is a development on lo-fi principles, putting an emphasis on the straightforward iconography of widgets while including seemingly complicated mograph features. This frequent 2D/3D mix successfully incorporates the feel of lo-fi into high-end settings without watering them down.


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That’s how many of us felt when cryptocurrency became popular last year. It’s difficult to dispute, nevertheless, that Blockchain has expanded our expectations for the possibilities of the modern digital era. The crypto industry is a fertile ground for the creation of fresh, cutting-edge visuals that put an emphasis on cyberpunk and neo-noir themes. The way that UI and mobile experiences are presented to audiences is being constantly refined as a result of this trend. Animated videos are now a powerful tool for explaining complex concepts like minting, mining, and NFTs.

WARNING: The following fad may cause transfixed staring: SQUEEZE, GROW, SHRINK. 

Top 11 Animation Trends In 2023
Ant-Man shrink/grow Michael B. Myers Jr.FollowHire Me

This method, which is always unique and often loops, is great for unconventional GIFs and transitions. In this technique, words or designs often undergo a stunning character arc, growing or disintegrating into an entirely different shape, before returning to their previous form. Constantly being exposed to this loop might cause viewers to get distracted and make mistakes such as missing trains, not responding to emails, or failing to get in touch with loved ones. You can’t claim you weren’t warned.


Since there is so much excellent animation available, it’s easy to feel pressured to compete with whatever current fad is at the forefront. As a result, focusing inward may be the most effective strategy for standing out from the crowd, and with the correct mograph monkey-grease, customers will take notice. Motion pathways are becoming more personalised as artists discover new methods to express themselves via their work. Motion pathways may be as expressive as a cartoon figure, with their own unique rhythms, shapes, sizes, angles, and emotions. Are you feeling like you’re in a rut? Get a notepad and take a walk around the block to write down your observations while you watch people and things in action. Take notice of the timeframe. In no time at all, you may retrace that route in the application of your choice with the help of a picture. And if you find yourself dwelling too much on your own thoughts, remember that our first buddy, the squiggle, is always here to help.

Top 11 Animation Trends In 2023

Talk To The Hand Zoran MilicFollow

To reorder the hierarchy: PATHS > TEXT > PATHS

Escalator Squeeze AnimadeFollow

Following this line of thought (LAI Video publicly apologises on my behalf), we will now spotlight the expanding number of artists who are exploring the boundaries of text. Seeing individual forms join together to form a word, only to break apart again and become something completely else, is fascinating. This evolving style keeps us on our toes and highlights the animation concept of metamorphosis, but it also calls for discipline and careful preparation. Check out this enjoyable animation of the New York City subway system by Dase Boogie:


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Widgets are versatile tools that, like pins, provide a sense of intrinsic reward. They each have their own identity and value as collectibles, but they are also integral parts of a larger whole. In spite of this, their greatest strength lies in the fact that they serve as a visual symbol in our digital surroundings, much like map markers. Thus, animators are constantly on the lookout for new ways to integrate social branding into commercials and other visual displays, ideally directing viewers’ attention with the aid of widgets.

SCUM OF THE 3D GARBAGE Candle lit Readers,

assemble! We have a terrible story to tell. Once upon a time, there were very few opportunities for animators to practise their trade in a fully three-dimensional space. Popular 3D modelling and animation software such as Maya, Blender, Cinema 4D, and Houdini all emerged in the 1990s and went through a difficult formative period. The tutorials were only available in books, the learning curves were very difficult, and the software often crashed on users. What about today, though? The time has come: 3D has here.

Top 11 Animation Trends In 2023
Trash 🗑😵🚮 Burnt Toast ®Follow

After being controlled by a small group of companies, the market for this product is now flooded with alternatives. Blender and Unreal Engine 5 are two examples of free cutting-edge tools, whereas Cinema 4D, Maya, and Houdini are examples of comprehensive paid solutions (Toon Boom Harmony, TVPaint). Even more intriguing is the abundance of high-quality, accessible, and up-to-date MoGraph tutorials, courses, and other materials available to both novice and seasoned users. What will you choose out of all these possibilities? Using After Effects, Photoshop, Animate, and TVPaint, Oddfellow created a dynamic, very intricate piece for LunarCrush.


Top 11 Animation Trends In 2023
Girls, leaves and flowers.
Olesia Drobova
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Hand-drawn animation has been gaining popularity for some years now, and it shows no signs of stopping. There has been a blossoming of hybrids among animators, bringing out the best in both disciplines, which was traditionally considered as an aggressive old guard vs. young blood conflict (see: Letterpress and Digital Printing). Hand-drawn animation stays modern with more motion tools at its disposal than ever before by retaining the tactile qualities of the medium while also taking use of the productivity improvements made possible by Motion Graphics software. Take David Delafuente’s “Pink Film,” the opening film of the Glas Animation Festival, as an example.

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At LAI Video, we never stop looking for fresh approaches to animation in order to realise our clients’ wildest ideas. We can help you find the untold tales in your sector, develop consistent messaging, and distribute compelling films to build stronger relationships with your target audience. We can help you figure out the best way to promote your business, extend the reach of your campaign, and win more customers’ trust.

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