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Logo Design Trends to Follow for Making Effective Logos Design Trends

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current logo trends Logos have to be simple, yet convey the message of your brand in a way that resonates with the audience. Not only should they be timeless and distinctive, but contemporary and stylish. Knowing 1) Simplicity Simplicity is a long-term trend and will be in vogue in the years to come. A simple logo is more effective and is recognizable at the very first glance. It has a consistent and attractive look. Being simple involves making the logo as clean and minimalist as possible. Your logo design should look good across all mediums, including your websites and business cards. Having a simple black and white logo or that with framed texts can be impactful. 2) Bright Colors Brightly colored logo designs are in trend because a computer or mobile screen displays bright colors effectively. Vibrant colors current logo trends convey excitement, optimism, energy, and fun. As you interact with your customers online through your logo, it is preferable to use eye-catching and vibrant colors to set your logo apart from your competitors. By using bright colors, you will also be able to catch consumers’ attention quickly. However, the colors you use should be aligned with your brand. 3) Geometric Shapes like lines, rectangles, triangles, circles, diamonds, etc. will continue to be in trend. They are loved for their timelessness and make it easy to communicate your brand story to your current logo trends audience. They can give your logo a balanced and consistent look. When these shapes are combined, layered, and designed properly they give a clean and elegant visual mark to your brand. If these geometric shapes are used wisely, they can create strong visual effects. 4) Creative Typography Typography is ruling the logo design industry for the past few years and will continue to grow in the upcoming years. Words are a powerful tool to send your message to your audience. The right use of a clean and simple typeface can give a classic look to your logo. When combined with images, your message can have a wide reach. Creative typography will help your brand get visibility and improve your engagement. Different types of typography include: Split fonts are those fonts that are split in between or missing an element in itself, making your logo unique and interesting. Handwritten fonts are popular for boutique stores, the fashion industry, or personal blogs, enabling you to create a personal connection with your audience. 3D Logo design has now become more dimensional with popping shapes. It can help you to create a brand identity that has a powerful effect and is memorable. 5) Gradient Gradients have been in trend for the last few years, and this trend won’t fade away soon. current logo trends Gradients or color transitions can be applied to both text and icons. They are fascinating to the eyes and present endless creative possibilities to the brands. This type of logo is created by blending an array of shades or tones of one color starting with the darker tones and slowly fading out. 6) Monogram Monogram logo designs have been a part of the design industry for since long. When designing a monogram logo for your brand, you have to create an image that represents your company. By using the right typography with an apt monogram, you can give a distinctive visual representation of your brand, which your customers can remember for a long ti 7) Negative Spacing This technique is revolving around the world of logo design for years and will be in demand in the upcoming years. Logos with negative space has images in between the letters or hidden inside the text. This negative space designing is a unique and innovative way to convey your brand’s vision and thoughts. Conclusion It is important to create a unique identity for your brand with your logo. Your logo shouldn’t only be attractive and eye-catching for consumers but also trendy. current logo trends Keeping up with the evergreen trends can help you stay competitive. Clean geometric patterns along with innovative typography and negative spacing will make logo design an exciting space to watch in 2018 and beyond. Consider the above logo design trends to get inspired and make informed artistic choices, enabling your brand to keep a modern look.current logo trends