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How can I learn website designing from home?



learn website designing I have recommendations like these if you’re a novice.learn website designing

1. First, what’s web design, you should know?

Web design core Visual + interaction

Many novice designers often misinterpret the notion of web design, web design is not about coding or the construction of front ends. how to learn web designing at home It would, of course, be wonderful to know any coding language (HTML, CSS, Java), but that’s not the heart of Web Design, you can’t dive deep into the development front end. Web design is designed to overcome communication issues between users and information about websites.

2. The young designer should learn 9 web design talents

Master the fundamental visual design guidelines

how to learn web designing at home

To learn how to layout

To study the fundamentals of colour

To master fundamental interaction design knowledge

Master the PS and other tools for web interfaces

understand the fundamental language of coding (HTML, CSS)

The firm product and user group are familiar.

I want to recommend the Dreamweaver at least, master one of the front-end code editing applications.

SEO knowledge

3. Five web design elements


2. graphics

3. layout

4. typeface

5. content

4. How to learn home web design

One post cannot cover all the knowledge, therefore here I will introduce you to a website of study.

Books on web design:

1. HTML and CSS: websites for design and construction

2. Web design learning: a starting guide

3. Don’t think about: a common web usability approach

4. Learning how web pages are made to work

5. Web standards design

Online training web design: Web design




Web design blogs:

1. Smashing Magazine

2. Mockups blog

3. Web designer Depot

4. Web design ledger


6. Hacking UI

7. 1stwebdesigner



10.mastre in web


1. W3scholes 1.

In order to master the coding language it offers easy language courses like:HTML and CSS.

2. University of Google Code

Another website built by the Google developer for learning coding.

3.Avengers Code

I enjoy this website because of the great adventure that makes it possible for you to take part in their programme of coding challenges and the search of bug.


Learning HTML and CSS for 30 days

A HTML & CSS Start Guide

Fear not the Internet Do not

Trade instruments

WordPress Download
Get a decent text editor such as the text editor Atom
Get a local server such as WAMP or MAMP or XAMPP, and every machine will.
You can buy some books, however, I recommend you check some of the coding language documentation websites online first. how to learn web designing at home

You may alternatively use a WordPress theme named Underscores maintained by Automattic by the WordPress team. I produced a video that shows how the theme works. Check it out. – Check it out.


Regardless of your situation, studying is the only way to attain your goal. If you want to study the design of the web at home, you must first and foremost know everything. Stop spending your time looking for solutions on Facebook or Twitter. You can develop your design circle, how to learn web designing at home but you can’t work as a web designer. Want to be lucky