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How do trends affect your life?

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We are affected by trends in the same way that we want to be trendy. Trends, in my opinion, have the same effect on us as peer pressure. It is seldom a major deal for individuals who are naturally drawn to being fashionable. However, it has an impact on people who believe that being trendy is really important in today’s environment.

I believe that practically everyone attempts to be trendy subconsciously since there aren’t many bell bottoms in a world hungry for them. -RAJESH

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It is, without a doubt, the other way around. Individuals, working together, either consciously or unintentionally, establish trends and influence change in society. A trend does not emerge as a result of natural osmosis. Those who allow themselves, or are naturally followers, change their behaviour, appearance, and work after a trend is put in motion by those original ground-breakers.-By Pritesh

Trends have a limited impact on me.

I pay attention to them and, if I like what I see, I join them.

Most trends are created artificially since there is always a need to manufacture fresh wants…… a complete nightmare.

It’s all about the money and the profits. Regardless of whether we require or do not require this or that. You could seem ancient and dated if you aren’t trendy……..

It’s up to you to decide how powerful and independent you want to be.-Girish

First and first, I never take effects negatively..even if they are negative, I look for positivity in them as well. Trends in fashion, food, or anything else lead to innovations…as we follow trends, we become.more.and.more.creative because we need to be up to date, so we follow trends and add.sparks.of our own ideas, resulting in unique designs that mirror current trends.-By Prajesh

Trends used to make me so anxious that I sought treatment when I was younger. Now that I’m older, I’m better at controlling my impulse buying and spending in order to keep up with the Kardashians (I used to say keeping up with the Joneses, but now I hear people say keeping up with the Kardashians, haha).

But, seriously, I’m in charge of my own destiny, and I’ll know when I’ve found it.-Juana Diaz

They have an impact on my TT videos, for example. You’re not going to get a lot of views unless you dance or make a big, meaningful video series on how bad your life is. Sorry, but I’m not going to form a “Onlyfans” group. I’m not attempting to follow in the footsteps of the great Thot. -BY Cara Mueller

Following trends is a flawed approach to human psychology. It occurs as a result of humanity’s impotence.

Following a trend does not necessitate questioning one’s thinking. Logic is a personal trait as well as a measure of one’s maturity. As a result, the logic of decision-making and choosing varies greatly from person to person.

The essential goal of life and being human is never fulfilled by following trends.-By RJ Oso

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