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From TikTok to Video SEO, here are 9 dynamic video marketing trends to watch in 2022.

video marketing trends to watch in 2022

video marketing trends to watch in 2022

You’re ready to take your video marketing to the next level. Here are some of the hottest video marketing trends for 2022 and beyond, including anything from Video SEO to TikTok.
Using video is a powerful marketing strategy in today’s environment. In the previous year, 70% of eCommerce firms increased their video marketing spending, with 56% of customers viewing videos on social media every month.

Data demonstrates that video viewers aren’t simply viewing videos of popular memes or influencers on TikTok and Instagram, which have dominated the social video landscape in recent years. If you haven’t already gotten on the video marketing bandwagon, you best get a movie-going!

Having a video marketing plan for your company has never been more critical, especially in light of the increasing significance of social video. The following are some of the best video marketing trends to explore in 2022 and beyond if you’re ready to take advantage of this increasingly popular format and build your brand and ROI.

It’s becoming the norm for ads to be transparent.

Social media and search platforms have come under fire in recent elections for their potential to impact voter selections. Thus, new criteria are being put in place by both marketers and influencers — and also by the sites they post on. A thorough disclosure of any compensation or items or services received in exchange for an endorsement is required.

As an example, see how TV and radio personality Ash Pollard’s Instagram postings are plainly tagged “sponsored” with a flag reading “paid partnership.” Or observe how optical company OPSM’s video advertising is clearly designated “sponsored.” Publishers are embracing the campaign for transparent advertising in droves. There is also a searchable archive of all advertising presently appearing on Facebook’s applications and services, including Instagram, in its Ad Library.

Captioned Videos in Silence

There has never been a greater number of individuals who prefer to watch videos without audio. In fact, data shows that 85% of Facebook videos are seen without sound when silent autoplay is set as the default. In other words, if your video can be seen without sound, or if the subtitles don’t distract from but improve the watching experience, your audience is more likely to watch it for longer.

What’s the quickest and most efficient technique to generate social media-friendly quiet videos? Definitely by adding closed-captioning or subtitles. For example, the subtitles in Billie Eilish’s Vanity Fair interview are flawlessly timed.

Closed captioning and subtitles are essential for ensuring that all media may be seen by everyone. Without on-screen features, your audience’s experience – and hence your brand – may be badly affected if they are hard of hearing or deaf.
Using Envato Elements’ Easy Subtitle captioning package, you can easily create professional-looking subtitles for your videos. As a result of this, you may change the timing of each word and phrase in order to guarantee that the message is conveyed clearly.

The Infinite Loop of TikTok

TikTok is the newest social media platform that is changing the way short-form video content is created and marketed. There’s also an “endless loop” feature developed by TikTok’s engineers, which keeps a video playing indefinitely until a user swipes to the next piece of content.

Making it difficult for viewers to tell where the video begins and ends by seamlessly transitioning between the two may help you rack up views rapidly.

Envato’s video marketing manager, Jen McKinnon, says that “TikTok has truly transformed the way video makers think about short-form content,” and she explains why. It’s the infinite loop, a clever little video trick that works to clock more views by not making it evident when the film has finished, that has inspired the notion of video repetition until you swipe. To do this, the video’s finish and beginning are flawlessly blended together.

This trend was picked up by the founder of TikTok, Nick Major, who created an infinite loop based on the relatable yet never-ending task of washing dishes. Afterward, we witness him clean the dishes, dry them, and put them away just to open the cupboard door and realize that the sink is filled again.

In the spirit of the Good Soup movement, we’ve produced our own infinite loop example and paired it with a video tutorial to help you get the hang of it.
MotionWizardStudio’s Quick–Loop Kinetic Posters will give your next loop movie a dynamic, three-dimensional feel. All you have to do is change the text, font, and color scheme, and you’re good to go!

BTS & RAW Footage

Actual individuals doing real things pique our collective interest. To satisfy people’s demand for authenticity, this trend gives a glimpse into their daily routines, interests, and pastimes. It also plays into the rebirth of the DIY movement and arts and crafts activities.

It also includes behind-the-scenes information, such as outtakes, bloopers, and additional video that didn’t make the official final cut, which provides viewers an opportunity to peep behind the curtain and access all-areas. Everything that discloses the people and procedures behind the brand or content.

Squirrel obstacle courses like YouTuber Mark Rober’s are an excellent illustration of this craze, in which charming and funny creatures ascend rope ladders and dash through plastic tunnels in an attempt to get their prized acorns. You may hear music from Mission Impossible and see clips from well-known heist movies sprinkled around the backyard environment.

To get a glimpse of the individuals behind the scenes, you may utilize cooreets’ Minimal Lower Thirds, which are ready to use. With 30 and 60 frames per second settings, you may add names and job descriptions to your material.

Video Search Engine Optimization Has Gone Mainstream

Search engine optimization is nothing new, but it has only recently become an accepted method. As companies increasingly focus on organically growing their video audiences, it’s critical to make sure that your content is readily discoverable.

While video SEO has been for a long time, it has just recently become popular as organizations begin to focus more on organically establishing video audiences, explains Jen.

This includes doing keyword research, as well as optimizing the titles, descriptions, and hashtags of your videos in order to stand out from the rest of the pack.

Here are a few pointers to help you make sure your video is SEO-friendly:

Use keywords in video file names, titles, and descriptions.
Add relevant tags, popular keywords, and keywords that are pertinent to the content of your video.
Add subtitles and closed-captioning.
Prepare a set of unique thumbnails.

Video Advertising on the Internet

Over-the-top (OTT) services like Netflix, Roku, Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney Plus enable consumers to watch anything they want, whenever they want.

These streaming platforms are a marketer’s dream since they continually collect data and acquire audience insights. Their ability to offer up successive adverts that move viewers farther down the marketing funnel is due to their capacity to reach tiny, highly-targeted audiences with highly-personalized content.

There are several examples of this, such as the Netflix commercial for “Play Something” (a function that automatically recommends shows based on what the user likes), which uses the same over-the-top animation to make the point that the user can’t decide what they want to watch.
Adverts for over-the-top (OTT) services should be designed so that viewers may enjoy the same experience regardless of the device they’re using. If you want to catch the viewer’s attention before they have a chance to click the “skip ad” button, make your video relevant to your audience and keep your message brief and concise.

Adding Value to the Content

Content atomization is a great approach for marketers to maximize their marketing dollars. To maximize the value of video material, it is necessary to adapt it for use on a range of platforms.

It’s important to know where various forms of content do well in order to take advantage of this trend. A long-form interview, for example, maybe posted on YouTube. Instagram teaser videos may then be repurposed for TikTok and Instagram Reels, as well as other social media platforms. You may even turn the video’s audio into a podcast by removing the visuals.

When it comes to online education platforms for creative entrepreneurs like The Futur, their audience-building workshop is top-notch. An 8-minute YouTube video has been trimmed down to a three-minute Instagram video, which has strong on-screen takeaways and labeled soundbites. Additionally, the team has published a fast-paced one-minute-long TikTok video to further enhance its worth.
According to Jen, there are now so many venues to post material, and “theoretically, every video you produce may be repurposed across all these many channels.” In addition to adjusting the video’s size, this also includes changing the format. As an example, you may have a long-form interview on YouTube. It’s then possible to repurpose that material for Instagram in the form of a teaser video, to break it down into segments (or “gold nuggets”) to post on TikTok and even to make it into a podcast. Planning your material in this manner, known as ‘content atomization,’ has the potential to increase its worth tenfold.”
You’ll need to pay attention to the various dimensions and formats necessary to develop content for all of your platforms. Due to its variety of aspect ratio formats, Colorama’s Social Media Posters set fills that need well.

Branded Content Involves Influencers

Working with influencers can accomplish a lot for your company, from raising your audience and generating more views to delivering brand or product endorsements and improving brand recognition. As a result, it should come as no surprise that guest stars and subject matter experts are becoming more common in video marketing.

In order to reach new audiences, platforms, and narrative chances, artists and influencers alike will benefit greatly from working together in this trend. With the help of Nate from Channel Makers and Rob from VidIQ, we can see how this works in action in Rob’s explainer series. Both are YouTube producers and instructors, but rather from being rivals, the cooperation allows them the chance to build one other’s brand.

Brand voice is shaped via social media.

The method by which individuals engage with internet material has been fundamentally altered by the rise of social media. Brands that show their personality in their social media postings will stand out from the rest of the pack since attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter. Video-based social media has helped popularise complex and subtle forms of communication, such as sarcasm, and satire, and these features have started to permeate into more traditional forms of content.

“Video enables companies to express far more personality than other media and also offers a platform for more complicated and subtle communication styles, including sarcasm and satire,” Jen explains. Companies are discovering new and innovative methods to incorporate the idiosyncrasies of social media into their overall marketing material in order to embrace the growth of communication across social media and attain consistency from platform to platform.”

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