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Nutrition Facts Label Creator for WPBakery

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Nutrition Facts Label Creator for WPBakery

You can quickly and easily create Nutrition Facts Labels for your online food goods and recipes using Nutrition Facts Label Creator.

Nutrients including protein, vitamin, fat, carbohydrates, zinc, magnesium and calcium may all be added with the plugin. There is no need to manually compute the percentage of your daily calorie intake. A simple drag-and-drop interface allows for the installation of infinite unique nutrients.

WP Bakery Page Builder's add-on is included here. To make use of this addition, you'll need to purchase the WP Bakery Page Builder extension separately.

the most important characteristics

Adaptive and retina-ready design
Lists are used to create a table-free design.
WPBakery Page Builder Addon 6 Nutrition Label Design Styles is the plugin's official name (FDA style table included)
There are 39 predefined nutrients, each with a specified value.
Standard daily values (DVs) are based on information found on Wikipedia.
New – See example – Unlimited custom nutrients may be added to the Nutrition Table –
Name, standard reference value, unit, and daily value of a custom nutrient should be specified.
Nutrient sub-levels may have up to three indent levels specified. Percentage of daily value (DV) based on daily value and reference value
Auto-calculation of percentage daily values based on standard values and user-supplied data
Option for listing the standard daily values
Any post type that has WPBakery Page Builder enabled may be used with this plugin. For example, you may use it in the WooCommerce product description for a food product.
Without a doubt The translation is complete. (A POT template file is provided as an example.)
Right-to-left languages may be used. Included in the package is RTL CSS.
The theme may override the nutrition table template file.
filters for adjusting Nutrients' standard daily values are supported.
For known nutrients, schema micro data is provided by
Code that has been thoroughly cleaned and optimised
All current browsers, including IE 9+, are supported.
Markup for nutrition table output that is compliant with HTML 4.0

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