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Facebook Customer Chat for WordPress

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Facebook Customer Chat for WordPress

Facebook Messenger may now be integrated into your website with the Advanced Facebook Customer Chat WordPress Plugin. A rich-media experience, customised for each customer, is available at any time, anywhere for your customers to connect with your company. Typically, it just takes two minutes to install. The following is a list of advanced plugin capabilities not included in the official Facebook plugin.

Enhanced Options

It's possible to customise the location of live chat depending on the user role (logged-in or not), the user device (desktop or mobiles or both), and whether or not you want to display it on all sites or just on selected ones.
For a limited time only, you may customise the Messenger chat UI colour to better match your site's colour scheme.
You can add a tooltip with your own text to the Facebook button's native tooltip.
You may move the messenger to the right side of the screen.
In what ways may you use Facebook's customer service chat feature?

Facebook Customer Chat is a basic, yet very useful, tool for the following:

Boosting your social media marketing plan and increasing the number of people that follow your page.
Boosting your social media branding approach to a new degree of visibility.
Increasing revenue and boosting conversions.
Responding to each customer's queries in a timely and personal manner to provide them with lightning-fast help.
By drawing new visitors and keeping current subscribers engaged, you can build a vibrant community.
When developing content or offering services, it's important to keep an eye on what your customers want and need.
Why Use Facebook Chat for Customer Service?

It's possible to accomplish a variety of objectives with the aid of Facebook Customer Chat's distinctive features:

Highest likelihood of being noticed and engaged for each user individually.
Facebook messages are 10 times more successful than any other technique of contacting your target market.
By responding quickly and thoroughly to consumers' inquiries, you may build strong user confidence.
An increase in the number of sales generated from each campaign due to higher conversion rates and a more enthused customer base.
Your branding approach should start with answering the queries of your customers.
Complete command of the initial point of contact with each prospective consumer and the subsequent development of his interest in your products or services.
The plugin's dashboard in WordPress provides an easy-to-use interface for beginners.
WordPress widgets, with all of their convenience and versatility, are available.
You may pick the location of the buttons, custom tooltips, and the colour of the text and other components on your WordPress website.
Live chat positions may be customised depending on a user's role or device. In addition, you have the option of including or excluding the widget from your own list of sites and categories.
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