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12 Latest Logo Trends & Forecasts for 2021/2022 You Should Be Thinking About

An picture of Newton seated under an apple tree can be converted to merely an apple fruit with a bite in a logo transition. By the way, that is a genuine storey based on Apple Inc. Because brands change, it’s not surprising that logo trends change as well.

Almost every firm that has been around for ten years or more has altered its logo at least once. That demonstrates how styles change throughout time. This is due to a variety of factors, one of which being the rapid evolution of technological trends.

Some logo trends are short-lived, which is bad for those that utilise them. Some, on the other hand, last only a few years before disappearing and reappearing several years later. This article examines a few of the trends that will most likely emerge in 2021. The majority have been popular in recent years, and several are making a comeback.

Design Trends of 2021 | Trends in Design for 2021

This style is super hot at the moment, and doesn’t seem to be cooling down anytime soon! I saw it start to take shape around mid-2017, and thought “Oh that’s kind of fun….random organic cut out shapes …very Picasso revival”. And it’s just grown from there.

Now we’re seeing these random organic ‘blobs’ everywhere. From fashion and linen fabrics, packaging, social media posts and even on website landing pages. Maybe it’s because we have a connection to the organic? Or perhaps it could be because this style often utilizes muted color tones and pastels, that are still trending.

I’m feeling however that it’s because we have this magnetic connection to the hand made. A total swing away from anything polished, to a design style, is less manufactured and more artisan.
This style may form the perception that ‘anyone could do it’, but it’s all about how those cut-out shapes are used together. I love this style, and it’s really fun to design, but it is not as simple as it seems. As you can see in our design examples, there are many shapes that overlay each other and it’s very important that the color palettes are sophisticated, and well thought out. The colors must work in harmony with each other, and the shapes used throughout the design.

The use of fonts is usually kept pretty simple, although I do see some brush fonts being used occasionally as highlights. Gone with the muted tones, and in 2020 I feel we will see much brighter colors being used, and more textures being introduced. As the hand-cut style becomes even more popular, I’m positive that the corporate world will see its positives, and utilize it into their branding and marketing collateral.

A re-imagination of the Euro-Punk movement from the late ’70s and ’80s, the fashion industry has been at the forefront of this style forever. But what’s interesting now is its progression onto everything digital and social. I’m seeing it consistently across club night flyers, sales promotions, and even church events… A natural progression as those industries try to tap into a younger, edgy demographic.

As you can see by the example below it’s so different from the “organic hand-cut style”, New wave is extremely polished and well thought out. It’s an industrial style, almost manufactured like a warning label. It kind of promotes a sense of urgency… Flash Sale! Flash Sale! Flash Sale! like a ‘do not cross’ police tape…It uses high contrasting color palettes and even colors that you would never think to go together work so well here.
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