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A collection of 86 premium free fonts for designers and other creative types



Choosing the best free typefaces might be difficult. Typefaces abound on the internet, but many of them are subpar, and it may take a long time and a lot of work to comb through them all to find the right one. Hence, the effort we’ve put into developing this comprehensive list of the greatest free typefaces out there.

The free fonts listed below have been organized into eight different types of typefaces to make it simpler for you to locate what you’re searching for. If you’re looking for a certain kind of font, you may utilize the fast links to go to the specific style you’re looking for. All of the fonts on this page are free to download and use at any time (in some cases, you might need to provide your email address). Even while many are available for personal and commercial usage, keep in mind that some are exclusively free for individual use. Permissions may have changed after the time of publishing, so be sure to check the terms again.
We suggest MyFonts, which contains both paid and free fonts, for anybody looking for a wide variety of typefaces at their fingertips. Our entire list of the finest free fonts can be found at the bottom of this page.
See our tutorial on how to add fonts in Photoshop if you’re unsure how to utilize your new font. Additionally, we have lists of the greatest free vintage fonts and free script fonts, as well as a tutorial on font creation. In our essay on font versus typeface, we also provide advice on font pairings and on how to use font terminology correctly.

The best free fonts: Serif fonts

01. Young Serif

In a single weight, Young Serif has 348 glyphs, which may be used in a variety of languages. Heavy old-style letters with bracketed serifs, derived from typefaces like Plantin Infant or ITC Italian Old Style. Letters like the lowercase E and the generously curved lowercase b and f show fascinating axis tilt. Bastien Sozeau designed this free typeface, which was first made available to the public by the design firm Upload. As long as the fonts aren’t sold, they may be used, changed, and redistributed without attribution under the SIL Open Font License.

02. Cormorant

In terms of free typefaces, Christian Thalmann’s Cormorant is one of the most refined. It’s based on Claude Garamont’s 16th-century fonts, although it’s not a copy. All the glyphs were created from scratch, and the result is a pleasing mix of formality and emotion in one. A total of 45 font files are included in this free open-source display typeface, which includes nine visual styles and five weights.

03. Alegreya

There aren’t very many wonderful free typefaces made for particular uses, but here’s a noteworthy exception. Alegreya is an award-winning font by Argentinian designer Juan Pablo del Peral developed with book design in mind. With a lively and varied rhythm intended at helping the reading of lengthy texts, it presents a contemporary and accessible take on the calligraphic style.

04. Restora

From our perspective, the finest free fonts take a traditional design and give it a twist, and here’s a perfect example. Designed by Nasir Udin, Restora presents a brilliant blend of bright and welcoming letterforms with old-style ornamentation. This flexible typeface is great for book covers, journalistic copy, branding, and more. The free version contains Restora Extra Light & Restora Thin Italic.

05. Emberly

Emberly is another free typeface that seems both current and old. Inspired by the Didone style, this display typeface was designed by Rajesh Rajput. It’s also available as a changeable typeface and would be a terrific alternative for a broad variety of design projects, including logos, headlines, magazine covers, and posters.

06. Rude

This wonderfully constructed serif delivers the best of all worlds when it comes to fonts: it’s recognizable while yet seeming fresh. It was designed by Masha Chuprova and may be used in a wide range of creative contexts.

07. Grenze

Personal and commercial usage are both permitted.
The Omnibus-Type Grenze
Texture and readability are not sacrificed in Grenze, which is based on Roman and blackletter styles. Designed by Renata Polastri and Omnibus-Type, it was originally intended as a typeface for magazines, although it may be used for a broad variety of design purposes.

08. Libertinus Serif

Personal and commercial usage are both permitted.
Font Squirrel has Libertines.
The greatest free font to give your project a dash of sophistication is out there. Libertines is a 14-style serif with a traditional design. Some of the issues with the original Linux Libertine and Linux Biolinum typefaces have been addressed in this clone. Under the SIL Open Font License, this font may be downloaded free of charge.

09. Free Saint George Stencil Font

Free Saint George Stencil FontMultiple Owners 
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Personal and commercial usage are both permitted.
Behance has a statue of Saint George.
Vedran Vaskovic’s experimental typeface Free Saint George Stencil is based on the classic Georgia font and inspired by the Christian narrative of Saint George. The wild and colorful stencil forms make it one of the greatest free fonts for adding a feeling of energy and enjoyment to your creations.

10. Colus

For non-commercial usage only.
Visit to purchase Colus.
Inspiring itself from ancient writings in stone and wood, Colus is a free display typeface. The aristocratic look makes it ideal for headlines, logos, and posters with a touch of elegance or refinement, making it an excellent choice.

11. Amagro

Personal and commercial usage are both permitted.
Font Squirrel has the Amagro font.
Fabio Servolo has designed an all-caps serif font called Almagro. Because of its powerful, angular serifs, it’s well-suited for creating ominous headlines. If you’re looking for an ampersand that’s both stylish and simple to read, this is the typeface for you.

12. Poly

Personal and commercial usage are both permitted.
Poly is available at Font
Poly is a web-friendly serif typeface with a modest level of contrast. When used at lower point sizes, Nicolás Silva’s design offers higher readability than other web serifs. Vertical emphasis is achieved by employing short ascenders and a high x-height for enhanced clarity, resulting in a vertical focus.

13. Bitter 


Personal and commercial usage are both permitted. – Get Bitter Now!
There are many free slab serif typeface options available, but this slab serif family was created with screen reading in mind. Sol Matas came up with the concept for Bitter. Huerta Tipográfica, an Argentinian type collaboration, has it.

14. Playfair Display

Personal and commercial usage are both permitted.
Font Squirrel has Playfair Display.
This free display typeface was created by Claus Eggers Sorensen, who drew inspiration from the Enlightenment and John Baskerville’s work. The tiny hairlines in its high-contrast letterforms represent the emergence of sharp steel pens, which replaced wide nib quills at the time. Georgia may be used for body text, both functionally and artistically.

15. Lora

Personal and commercial usage are both permitted.
Make use of Font Squirrel’s Lora
A Cyrillic extension was introduced in 2013 to Lora, the typeface first developed for Cereal in 2011. Effortless curves are contrasted with powerful serifs to create a modern sense. Despite its web-optimized design, it’s a top choice for print projects as well. There are four distinct designs to choose from.

16. Butler

Personal and commercial usage are both permitted.
Fabian De Smet’s Butler is available for hire.
Butler, a popular free typeface developed by Fabian De Smet, is based on both Dala Floda and the Bodoni family. His goal was to inject some modernity into traditional serif fonts by tweaking the curves and introducing a new stencil family. As far as “posters, extremely huge names, books, and expensive things,” he recommends Butler.

17. Crimson Text

Personal and commercial usage are both permitted.
How to Use Font Squirrel to Get the Color Crimson
This is one of the few free fonts designed exclusively for book manufacturing, and it’s based on Garamond-Esque book typefaces from the ancient days. Crimson Text is the brainchild of Sebastian Kosch, a German-born Toronto-based designer who credits Jan Tschichold, Robert Slimbach, and Jonathan Hoefler as influences. This typeface is a favorite of Taylor Palmer, a senior UX designer from Utah, USA, who uses it often in her work. “A refined serif font, Crimson is a wonderful alternative to the more classic Garamond-Esque typefaces,” he explains. Futura and Avenir’s bold geometric sans-serifs like Futura and Avenir complement the expressive italic of this font.”

18. Aleo

Personal and commercial usage are both permitted.
You can get Aleo at Graphic Pear Aleo has rounded details and a slick structure, producing a strong feeling of personality while retaining balance and a fair degree of readability. Alessio Laiso, a designer at IBM Dublin, created this family of free typefaces as the slab serif sibling to Lato.

19. Libre Baskerville

Personal and commercial usage are both permitted.
Google Fonts has a free version of Libre Baskerville.
Libre Baskerville is a body-text-friendly web typeface designed by Type Foundry (typically 16px). Based on the Baskerville typeface from 1941, but with a bigger x-height, broader counters, and a bit less contrast, it works well for reading on a computer monitor. Impallari Type is in charge of this open-source effort. In addition to Libre Franklin, Taylor Palmer suggests Libre Franklin’s sibling font.

20. Slabo

Personal and commercial usage are both permitted.
Use Google Fonts to get Slabo
Slabo is a developing collection of web typefaces that are optimized for usage at specified pixel sizes, designed by John Hudson. Sabo’s ligatures give the serif font a contemporary edge, making it ideal for use in web projects.

21. Merriweather

Personal and commercial usage are both permitted.
Google Fonts has Merriweather in several different font styles.
Merriweather, an open-source serif typeface, has its own GitHub repository. Designed by Sorkin Type, it was designed to be easily readable on a computer screen. Because of this, the typeface’s letterforms are somewhat constricted, and the diagonal tension isn’t as strong as it might be.

22. Woodland 

For non-commercial usage only.
Pangram Foundry will provide you with Woodland.
For personal use, the bold and ultralight variants of this lovely curving serif font are available free of charge. It includes bold, squared serifs and broad terminals. Touches like the rounded crossbar in the lowercase E provide a subtle eccentricity to its individuality. You’ll need a license if you want to use the additional weights or if you want to use them in work for customers.

23. Streusel Kuchen

It’s important to remember that not all serif fonts are meant to convey a serious message. This playful serif font by Kellie Jane Studio has a handmade feel to it. I like to use it in my creative projects and to label my prepared food.

You may use it for personal and business purposes without paying a cent. has Streusel Kuchen, a free font.

24. Newake

Personal usage is permitted.
Behance is where you can get Newake.
Text designs benefit from the graceful line of Newake’s sans serif, which incorporates both humanist and geometric features. For designing eye-catching headlines, logos, editorial, packaging, and websites, Newake was created by the Indieground team. The trial version of the typeface is free for personal use, but if you require the entire character set, you may purchase the commercial version.

25. Obrazec

You may use it for personal and business purposes without paying a cent.
Obrazec is available through Behance.
To design Obrazec Ilya Zakharov opted for an industrial-style sans serif. It’s one of the greatest free fonts for giving your branding tasks, such as logo design and promotional materials, a sense of solidity and confidence.

26. Archive Grotesk

You may use it for personal and business purposes without paying a cent.
Visit Behance to get Archive Grotesk
Tomas Clarkson’s Free Archive project Grotesk is a sans-serif typeface that includes capital, lowercase, and numbers in a clean and simple design. I like this typeface since it can be used for anything from headlines to magazine page furnishings, as well as invitations, calendars, postcards, and fashion designs.

27. Animosa

You may use it for personal and business purposes without paying a cent.
Animosa may be purchased through Behance.
Clean and contemporary sans-serif sans-serif with a variety of characters is Animosa. from There are 93 languages and 508 glyphs in Stefano Giliberti’s typeface, which is available in five weights. We think it’s one of the greatest fonts for keeping the reader’s gaze fixed on the page.

28. Red Hat

Don’t worry too much about the name, since all we care about here is the typeface, developed by Jeremy Mickel, which is what we’re interested in. Two optical sizes and many weights are available, all of which take their cues from classic American sans serif typefaces.

29. Public Sans

You may use it for personal and business purposes without paying a cent.
Go to and get Public Sans
Public Sans is a free, open source web typeface meant for usage in interfaces, text, and headers. It was produced as part of the United States Web Design System. If you’re working on a serious project and want to keep the design simple, this is the font for you. It has lots of weights and as few peculiarities as possible, making it perfect for the job.

30. Loki

As a brush script with a sans-serif foundation, Loki is a hybrid typeface that has a lot of interesting curvatures. Designed by Krisjanis Mezulis and Ieva Mezule, this is an eye-catching effect that works especially well in blockbuster film and television projects.

31. Salt

You may use it for personal and business purposes without paying a cent. is where you can get Salt.
Astounding typeface It’s possible to purchase salt in two different strengths: standard salt and bold salt. A ‘low centre of gravity’ was designed by Masha Chuprova. In order to get Pixel Surplus for free, you’ll need to provide your name and email address.

32. Alcubierre

Typeface with geometric sans serifs Matt Ellis, the designer of Alcubierre, created it. Like Ikaros, this clean and basic typeface is suitable for a wide range of applications.

33. Big John / Slim Joe

You may use it for personal and business purposes without paying a cent.
Dropbox may be used to download Big John and Slim Joe.
Ion Lucin, the designer of Big John, designed the character for his own personal usage. In the end, he chose to post it on Behance and then went on to create an ultra-lightweight sister typeface, Slim Joe. Both typefaces, which are all-caps, provide a striking visual contrast when combined. These free fonts are perfect for headlines and headings.

34. Titillium Web

Since Titillium was created for a type design project at Italy’s Academia di Belle Arti di Urbino, it has an impressive history among free typefaces. Dozens of students work on the project each year, refining it and resolving its issues.

According to Rob Hampson, the director of design at the The Bot Platform, a platform for developing bots on Messenger: “Titillium is a favourite typeface of mine.” “It has a clean, modern look and is available in a variety of weights. It’s most effective, in my view, at bigger sizes, such as for titles. However, it might be utilised as a body font with careful thought.”

35. Atami

You may use it for personal and business purposes without paying a cent.
Purchase Atami on
Atami is an experimental font that is available in two weights and three styles. ” This typeface, designed by Andrew Herndon, strikes us as especially suitable for use in posters and logos.

36. Chivo

Use Chivo for headlines and other page elements where you want the reader to focus on what you have to say. Stylish and confident, it comes in four weights and italics. Héctor Gatti and the Omnibus-Type Team created this free typeface.

37. Comfortaa

You may use it for personal and business purposes without paying a cent.
From Google Fonts, get Comfortaa
A rounded geometric sans-serif typeface, Comfortaa, is best suited for use in big print. Designed by Technical University of Denmark design engineer Johan Aakerlund, it’s a basic yet attractive typeface that offers a wide range of letters and symbols. As part of the Google Font Improvements Project, a Cyrillic character set and Vietnamese support have been added to the font family.

One of its fans is David Airey, a graphic designer and occasional writer from Northern Ireland. A lot of free fonts need a lot of effort to clean up the points, but it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to locate decent alternatives. “I created a custom wordmark based on Comfortaa for a branding project. However, Johan’s efforts provided me a solid basis, and the customer is thrilled with the end outcome.”

38. Noto Sans

Google produced the Noto Sans font family, which is available for free and supports more than a hundred different writing systems, 800 different languages, and a staggering number of characters. With a common height and stroke thickness, Noto typefaces may be used in a variety of languages. Regular, bold, italic, and bold italic styles are all part of the family, which also includes a serif sibling called Noto Serif.

39. HK Grotesk

You may use it for personal and business purposes without paying a cent.
1001 Fonts has HK Grotesk for you to download for free.
Typefaces such as Akzidenz Grotesk, Univers, Trade Gothic, and Gill Sans influenced HK Grotesk, a sans-serif font. Designed by Hanken Design Co., it was aimed at providing a welcoming and distinctive typeface for tiny writing. It has lately added Cyrillic characters to its language support (Bulgarian, Russian and Serbian).

40. Aileron

This sans-serif typeface lies midway between Helvetica and Univers. Tipotype designer Sora Sagano created it in order to make reading more enjoyable for the reader. 16 different weights are offered, from lighter to dark.

41. Ubuntu

You may use it for personal and business purposes without paying a cent.
Visit to download Ubuntu.
Ubuntu, the Linux operating system for personal computers, tablets, and smartphones, inspired the design of this free typeface. Designer Dalton Maag used OpenType characteristics to create a typeface that is both readable on desktops and mobile devices.

42. Clear Sans

Clear Sans is a typeface produced by Intel with the goal of making it easier to read on a computer screen. Short labels and lengthy paragraphs alike will benefit from this free font’s reduced characters and somewhat narrower dimensions, making it an excellent option for both screen and print.

43. Source Sans Pro

When Adobe originally released Source Sans Pro in 2012, it was the company’s first open source font family, and it has since become enormously popular. It was conceived as a modest, unassuming grotesque font that would perform well with user interfaces. Paul D. Hunt, an Adobe type designer, came up with the design.

James Hollingworth, a senior-level digital designer and artist located in Bath, is a fan of the free typeface Source Sans Pro. In his opinion, it’s a robust, dependable typeface that can be used in a wide range of creative projects. The typeface is simple to read for someone like myself who is dyslexic, and it performs well with user interfaces.

44. Misto Font

Misto typeface pays homage to Katerina Korolevtseva’s birthplace of Slavutych, Ukraine, which inspired the design. The town’s postmodernist design and utopian goals are reflected in its stroke width contrasts. This is a display sans serif that can show Latin and Cyrillic characters at the same time. Katerina encourages designers to use the hashtag #mistofont to post their work on Instagram.

45. Cervanttis

Personal usage is permitted.
Cervanttis is available via Behance.
It’s one of our favourite free handwriting fonts and a perfect option if you want a handwritten signature script with an easy elegance. One of the greatest free fonts for portraying the appearance and feel of handwriting was created by Mats-Peter Forss. Logos, branding, advertising, and social media postings might all benefit from using this kind of type.

46. Timothy

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You may use it for personal and business purposes without paying a cent.
Get Behance’s Timothy.
Swirly letters aren’t the only thing handwriting typefaces need to be appealing. Timothy, the block caps in this hand-drawn typeface are what give it a handwritten feel. Our inspiration for Timothy came from designer Timothy Goodman, and we believe it would make a great name for an invitation company. You’ll need to provide an email address to complete the registration process.

47. Kavivanar

You may use it for personal and business purposes without paying a cent.
Google Fonts has Kavivanar.
The slanting letterforms characteristic of Tamal handwriting inspired this powerful handwriting font designed by Tharique Azeez. In addition to Tamil letterforms, Latin letterforms are also included.

48. Tomato Soup

You may use it for personal and business purposes without paying a cent.
Take advantage of to get Tomato Soup.
This typeface is perfect if you’ve ever wanted to mimic the scrawly handwriting of a doctor or a teacher. It’s preferable to use’s Tomato Soup when there’s less content, so don’t plan on using it for lengthy paragraphs.

49. Ambarella

Polem Studio’s Ambarella is a stunning free typeface. Swashes, alternatives, and Western European characters are all used in the current calligraphy design.

50. Nickainley

You may use it for personal and business purposes without paying a cent.
Behance has Nickainley for sale.
Nickainley is a free handwriting typeface that we really like. In addition to capital and lowercase letters, numerals and punctuation marks, this Monoline script has a vintage vibe. For logos, T-shirts, letterhead, and signage, this typeface by Seniors Studio might be useful.

51. Shadows into Light

You may use it for personal and business purposes without paying a cent.
Google Fonts: Shadows become Light
Type designer Kimberly Geswein of Principal Design created Shadows Into Light. This gorgeous handwritten font has rounded corners and tidy, clear letters, making it excellent for personalising your creations.

52. Pacifico

You may use it for personal and business purposes without paying a cent.
Use Google Fonts to get Pacifico
Fun brush script handwriting font based on 1950s American surf culture, Pacifico. Vernon Adams made a significant contribution to the free software community with this open source typeface.

53. Cute Punk

You may use it for personal and business purposes without paying a cent.
Check out Cute Punk on
Cute Punk’s take on the handwriting typeface is lively, young, and utterly contemporary. Flou, a designer and artist from Bratislava, Slovakia, created this beautiful, nearly geometric typeface for free.

54. Yellowtail

An old-school brush font reminiscent of classic 1930s Gillies Gothic and Kaufmann, Yellowtail has a flat, vintage feel about it. The combination of linking and non-connecting letterforms used by typography institute Astigmatic provides this font a distinctive appearance while still ensuring strong legibility.

55. Nimitz

You may use it for personal and business purposes without paying a cent.
Behance has Nimitz for sale.
It’s a basic but unique, all-capitals typeface designed by Bart Wesolek that comes in three styles: rough, clean, and rough-textured. This is one of the greatest free fonts for giving your design project a retro or vintage vibe since it is beautifully readable and simply attractive.

56. Rousseau Deco

You may use it for personal and business purposes without paying a cent.
Behance has Rousseau Deco.
Art Deco-inspired font may be achieved in a subtle way if you know what you’re doing. One of the greatest free fonts for your needs is Rousseau Deco. It was created by Mariano Diez, who took inspiration from the traditional sans-serif style and gave it a contemporary spin.

57. Lazer 84

nject the 1980s into your projects with this fun font (Image credit: Juan Hodgson)

Personal usage is permitted (make a donation for commercial use)
Sunrise Digital has Lazer 84 for sale.
If you’re looking for a free typeface that doesn’t fit into a single category, this one is for you. Whatever you want to call it, it has a very ’80s feel to it, and we can easily see it as the opening credits of a classic comedy of the era. Juan Hodgson was the designer of this typeface.

58. Nature Sans

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Personal and desktop business usage are both free of charge.
Visit Behance to purchase Nature Sans.
Alex Joganic of the 1871 Project created the antique typeface Nature Spirit. Vintage projects benefit from the retro design, which brings to mind images of hippie communes and a free-spirited mentality. Rough and regular are the two main types of style, with the latter being preferred by those who like their lines to be less precise.

59. Cheque

Fontfabric’s Mirela Belova began working on Cheque as a student project, and it has now grown into a full-fledged display typeface. Regular and Black fonts are available for both personal and commercial usage and work best when used in headlines or compositions.

60. LOT 

You may use it for personal and business purposes without paying a cent.
Learn A LOT about Font Fabric!
LOT’s collection of thick, geometric letterforms harkens back to the stylized block writing of 1970s and 1980s advertising, posters, and magazine design. You can use this free typeface from FontFabric to create eye-catching graphics for everything from posters to logos to headlines.

61. Jocker

With a retro circus vibe, Jocker is a terrific font option for posters, logos, and packaging. Craft Supply Co. created this typeface, which has now been enhanced with additional levels of complexity.

62. Paralines

You may use it for personal and business purposes without paying a cent.
Behance is where you can find Paralines.
Inspired by both decades-old design and modern-day typography, Paralines features an unusual usage of parallel lines. To recall the visual style of the 1970s and the beginning of the 1980s, this free typeface by Lewis Latham would be perfect.

63. Hamurz

Hammerz is a throwback font with a hipster vibe, featuring round, imperfect lines. For example, it might be used as a logo, a header, or as an image for a T-shirt or badge or for letterpress printing by Bagus Budiyanto.

64. Fjord

Free if you’re a member of Envato
Fjord is available from Envato’s marketplace.
Fjord takes its design cues from the untamed environment of Norway. Painter Krisjanis Mezulis has created a typeface that is both frightening and lovely, starting with a broad brush on plastic to seem distinctively twisted. Using this typeface in a number of scenarios is easy since it’s so adaptable.

65. Oh Now!

If you’re looking for an eye-catching brush font, Syaf Rizal’s edgy brush font is ideal for you. Use it for your next poster or logo project. Oh My God! includes capital and lowercase letters, punctuation, symbols, and support for other languages.

66. The Cat Has a Hat

You may use it for personal and business purposes without paying a cent.
Get Behance The Cat Has a Hat
Despite its scrawl-like appearance, this fun typeface is easily understandable because to its inspiration from Dr. Seuss’s renowned children’s novels. The Cat Has a Hat was developed by Lukee Thornhill and is one of the nicest fonts we’ve seen for bringing personality to your branding and marketing initiatives.

67. Mustache Free

You may use it for personal and business purposes without paying a cent.
All Freet Fonts Has Mustache
Joel Maker’s superb brush typeface has a nice handcrafted feel about it. Upper and lowercase letters are included, as well as a wide variety of punctuation marks, digits, and multilingual support in Mustache.

68. Festival

Sophia – Free Handlettered Brush Script FontMultiple Owners 
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If you’re looking to give your projects a summertime atmosphere, Pixel Surplus’s hand-drawn brush typeface is an excellent choice. Multilingual characters are included in the free version of this typeface.

69. Sophia

You may use it for personal and business purposes without paying a cent.
Get Behance’s Sophia.
A fun-loving and out-of-the-ordinary person, Sophia is full of life and energy. The family comprises multilingual glyphs and left and right style letter pairings, and is described as “a hand-lettered brush script with a lovely ornamental addition.” Mats-Peter Forss and Emily Spadoni collaborated on the creation of this adorable free typeface.

70. Reckless

Uppercase and extended Latin letters are included in the handwritten brush font Reckless. It would look great in print or on the web if it had a watercolour appearance, as illustrated above. Nadi Spasibenko is the creator of this product.

71. Rose Tattoo

What’s the purpose of having a tattoo font if it doesn’t make an impression on the wearer? The Billy Argel-created typeface is free for personal use, so you may ink it all over your body if you so like. To avoid illegibility at tiny sizes, make your design as large as possible.

72. Betty

You may use it for personal and business purposes without paying a cent.
Betty is available for purchase through Behance
There are no hipsters or anyone with tribal tattoos around here. While many free tattoo fonts seem like they’ve been taken straight from a bygone era, Betty has a retro feel, with anchors and “I love Mom” tattooed on the upper arm. It was created by Anastasia Dimitriadi and is available for free.

73. Angilla

Personal usage only is permitted.
Visit to purchase Angilla.
This calligraphy-inspired tattoo script typeface is a breath of new air in the world of typography. Mns Grebäck designed this free typeface.

74. Serval

Serval is a wiry, scratchy beast of a calligraphic typeface, and it’s great for tattoo designs. Maelle.K and Thomas Boucherie collaborated to create this free typeface.

75. MOM

MOM pays homage to the great tattoo artists of the past with writing inspired by the American heritage of old-school tattoo lettering. Rafa Miguel designed this free typeface.

76. Sprite

You may use it for personal and business purposes without paying a cent.
Use Font Fabric to get Sprite
Sprite is a fully usable and legible typeface that captures the chunky and lively spirit of old-school graffiti writing. Retro urban vibe is easily achieved with this free typeface designed by Arsek & Erase (Ani Petrova and Vasil Stanev).

77. Urban Decay

It’s one of the wildest free graffiti fonts, with a harsh and uncompromising approach to typography, Urban Decay. There is no doubt that this handcrafted brush typeface developed by Zofos will give your projects a genuine urban vibe.

78. Ruthless Dripping One

Personal usage only is permitted.
Get the font from called Ruthless Dripping One
For the most part, free graffiti fonts are little more than stylized cursives that lack the unique blend of urban street art aesthetics (artistic flair, style, and humour). Free typeface Ruthless Dripping One by Mns Grebäck defies the norm by fusing calligraphy with paint drips to produce something unique.

79. Blow Brush

You may use it for personal and business purposes without paying a cent.
Behance offers the Blow Brush.
Blow Brush, a handwritten, marker-style typeface influenced by hip-hop and urban culture, has a true vitality and assertiveness. Petar Acanski, better known by his pen name Raz, has created a free typeface that’s both genuine and useful.

80. The Quick South St Font

This tech-decorated typeface, which is free for personal and non-commercial use, has unique details and is ideal for bringing a distinctive flair to a variety of projects. Supporting the artist financially is appreciated.

81. Miratrix

Miratrix Font — Free Latin/CyrilicAndy KarterFollow

Miratrix is a geometric grotesque heavily inspired by Brutalism, and it’s one of the most inventive free fonts we’ve seen in a long time. To name a few of the many possible applications for Andrey Karter’s eye-catching multi-functional font: logos and company identities; packaging; posters; and headlines.

82. Soulcraft

Soulcraft Typeface

Typeface Soulcraft was created to seem like handwritten handwriting. “Express oneself in a strong, honest and fearless voice,” the company’s developers at Massimo Studio hope that users will do.

83. Stanley


You may use it for personal and business purposes without paying a cent.
Get Behance’s Stanley.
Download Stanley if you want a typeface that exudes style. Jérémie Gauthier designed this distinctive typeface, which mixes rounded and angular elements. Stanley, in our opinion, would be an excellent choice for premium packaging or branding.

84. Gilbert

You may use it for personal and business purposes without paying a cent. is where you can get Gilbert.
In honour of Gilbert Baker, an LGBTQ activist and artist best known for inventing the rainbow flag, a beautiful free display typeface has been created in his memory. This is an excellent choice for headlines and banner slogans, respectively.

85. Le Super Serif

You may use it for personal and business purposes without paying a cent.
Behance has the Le Super Serif font you’re looking for.
A successful typographic experiment, Le Super Serif is one of a kind. “A trendy uppercase font with a bit current Western flavour,” is how Dutch designer Thijs Janssen describes it.

86. Borsok has Borsok for sale.
Borsok, a multilingual display typeface by Dastan Miraj, is a forceful yet fluid font. Because of its eye-catching circular form, it’s ideal for a wide range of applications, including logo design, clothing design, product packaging, motivational slogans, greeting cards, and posters. Uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and punctuation are all included in this set.

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