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7 Packaging Design Trends to Watch in 2023



Product packaging has a significant impact on sales. One of the main reasons for this is that consumers evaluate packaging to determine the overall quality of a product. Those who enjoy the product’s package design are more inclined to purchase it. To put it another way, labels are not merely for delivering information about the product and its legal requirements. That’s not everything! It aids customers in making a purchase.

Marketing experts now feel that a well-designed package has a positive impact on consumers. It’s common for people to snap a picture of a gorgeous box and post it on social media.

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Thousands of individuals are able to see the package as a result of this sharing chain. As a result, the packaging is transformed into a tool for reaching a larger audience with a product.

Businesses rely heavily on package design to convey the quality of their product to customers.

First impressions are important, but the quality and utility of a product are more important factors in a customer’s decision to remain loyal to a brand. It’s here that we come to package design and the current design trends.

To keep up with the latest in package design trends, it’s important to keep an eye out for new color schemes, shape and symbol trends as well as other visual cues. When it comes to your work as a designer, you naturally gravitate toward expressing yourself in a unique way.

It’s still important to keep up with industry trends since they provide you a good idea of what’s presently being utilized and what design features you should include in your own work.

Packaging design trends to watch out for in 2023

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1. Designing with a Purpose

Designing packaging that is easy to comprehend has long been a goal for packaging professionals. Such simple designs are beneficial in conveying a brand’s message to its target audience.

The designers are aware that elevating a product’s appearance via the use of simple design components is an important goal. In today’s fast-paced world, customers don’t have much time to shop.

There is only so much time to create an impression on the consumer’s mind before they move on to the next item on the shelf. A clear brand message will always be conveyed via a simple design.

2. Hand-Penned Script

Designers are known for their inventiveness. They have a tendency to express themselves in a distinctive manner. They are most likely to use bespoke writing in 2023 to convey a sense of warmth and raw vitality. Natural roughness and wavy or crooked lines are common in custom lettering.
Makes a product stand out and defies the conventional trend of employing digital graphics with this sort of distinctive typography.

Because the handwriting evokes a sense of wholesomeness and the handcrafted quality of the goods, it also evokes a sense of nostalgia. The hand-lettering trend in label design is here to stay, in our opinion.

3. Adding Color to the Environment

The unrestrained use of color is another package design trend that is quickly gaining traction. We all know that colors have the power to arouse strong emotions in us, which in turn influences our purchase choices.

Colors have been used creatively by package designers recently. Bright colors and brilliant tones are being used to make packaging more appealing to consumers.

Colors are another tool used by designers to distinguish between different versions of a product. Customers will be able to quickly locate a certain product variation without having to go through the whole product line.

4. Repetition is a key part of this section.

When it comes to producing visually stunning graphics, repetition has its place. Everywhere you look, you’ll see the same design pattern. Repetitive use of gorgeous patterns in product package design has become a trend.

The objective of using a visual theme repeatedly is to convey a clear brand statement. Brand identity is built by using bold or whimsical patterns, depending on the brand’s character.

5. Create a Storyline

The packaging design should not rely only on the use of colors or other visual cues. When it comes to connecting with consumers, a company’s logo should tell a narrative or communicate a message about the company. When it comes to creating a story, graphic designers have begun to use images to do so.
To communicate a brand’s narrative, some designers utilize artwork as a storytelling tool. Customers get a taste of lost tales thanks to the illustration’s rich substance.

6. Soft Colors

Calming hues have already made a return in package design, and they are expected to remain popular in 2023.

Pastel hues are making a comeback as a result of famine and relaxing packaging designs. They seem to be neutral and are on the opposite side of the colorful and flamboyant color palettes.
Designers of packaging have so far continued to employ bright and dramatic colors in their work. They’ve decided to change things up a little by giving the product packaging a pale appearance.

This also helps in giving the goods a friendly and genuine feel. Prospective clients might get a sense of homeliness from a design like this.

7. Distinctive Forms

The package forms are also being experimented with by the designers. They want that a product quickly piques the interest of prospective buyers. As a result, they’re designing packaging with unusual shapes so that it stands out in a store.

A juice product, for instance, is packaged in the form of an upright bamboo pole. Alternatively, a birdseed product’s packaging might include details of a bird’s face, such as its beak and eyes, as an alternative.

Even though it seems like something out of a horror movie, this is a new trend in package design. These kinds of designs make a powerful statement about the goods they represent. It’s as simple as putting your company’s logo on it. There is a good chance that customers will get familiar with the brand and its products.

As a result, the following are the most important package design trends expected to take hold in 2023. Many of these trends have been around for a while, and they’re still going strong. It’s possible that a brand-new style may develop. We’ll make sure you’re up to date on all of that.

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