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25+ Adorable Kid-Friendly Fonts for Crafting with the Youngest of Customers

25 Fun Kids Fonts for Childrens Designs.jpg

25 Fun Kids Fonts for Childrens Designs.jpg

Typography plays an essential part in the creation of kid-friendly visuals. Children take great pleasure in learning to read and spell. The layout of the letters is crucial if you want to catch their eye.

Children will quickly lose interest if they find the letters they are learning to write uninspiring. It is your responsibility as a designer to make the titles and text appear as appealing to children as feasible.

We now have access to some of the best kids typefaces, which may be used to create engaging visuals for kids. These typefaces are perfect for making eye-catching designs for a wide variety of projects, including book covers, packaging, apparel, and more.

Check it out, and get the downloading started. Some of the typefaces in this list are available for no cost.

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Typeset in a handwritten style, Dinofont is a fun font for kids.

This typeface was designed with kids in mind, drawing inspiration from prehistoric creatures, animals, and playful handwriting styles. It’s the ideal multipurpose typeface for making everything from children’s books to apparel to mugs to school banners. You also get some dingbats as a freebie with this.

Introducing Lydora, a Fun Font for Children!

This kid-friendly typeface is ideal for use in projects centred on learning. Its cheerful, uncomplicated aesthetic makes it a good choice for use in educational contexts like poster making and book cover design. The typeface has different characters for the all-caps letters.

A Children’s Book Font Named “KIDS STORY”

A lovely, hand-drawn typeface that works especially well for young readers’ books and their covers. Each character in this typeface was carefully hand-drawn to convey its own tale, giving the font a creative and original look. There are both capital and lowercase characters present. Both ligatures and glyphs are supported.

Bubba — A Kid’s Handwritten Font

This cartoon-inspired kids typeface is great for making imaginative titles for everything from social media posts to video games to school banners. All capital and lowercase letters are represented in the typeface.

Angelika Fun – A Totally Free Children’s Font

To get the free Angelika Playful font, click here.
You can use this free kids font to make cute headings for all sorts of projects. It has a playful and quirky appearance thanks to its own lettering style. You may use it for free in both your personal and professional endeavours.

Children’s Fun Fonts by BoldenVan

Do you want to create massive headlines that can be read from a great distance? Then utilise this typeface consistently across your creations. Its large, blocky letters are tailor-made for use in creating eye-catching poster and banner headlines. Obviously, you can use it to make designs for things like book covers, T-shirts, and social media postings.

It’s Free! Moonless SC is a Handmade Kid’s Font with No Name.

Free Moonless SC Font for Kids to Make and Use
This typeface may be used for any purpose, both professionally and privately. Its thin line letter style offers a lovely handcrafted touch, making your drawings more appealing and suitable for toddlers.

Dolpino: A Sweet Font for Little Ones

Dolpino: The Cute Kid’s Font
The letters in the charming handwritten typeface Dolpino are an added bonus. This font’s individual letterforms provide a charming touch to heads and titles. Uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, and punctuation marks are all included in the typeface.

Burger Kids: Kid-Friendly Fonts

Children’s Fonts: Burger Kids
This typeface was created with the express purpose of giving your projects a more carefree, childlike vibe. Plus, it may be used to a wide variety of purposes. Its adaptable lettering style makes it ideal for use in a variety of contexts, such as poster headings, banners, packaging, labels, and more.

Font for Lazy, Fun Kids

Idle Children – Amusing Children’s Font
Children, like anybody else, need rest and relaxation at the end of a busy day. With its carefree style, this typeface conveys a similar mood. It works well for whimsical children’s designs like storybook covers, toy packaging, food packaging, posters, and more. Numerous glyphs and ligatures are available in the typeface.

Highlighting the Hellominy Kids Font

Hellominy: A Fun Font for Children to Use as a Highlighter
A playful, imaginative, and straightforward handwriting font for young readers. Whether you’re making something for youngsters or adults, this typeface may be used in a wide variety of designs. Its aesthetic is ideal for designing logos, T-shirts, posters, labels, and other promotional materials for businesses of all sizes. The typeface even has additional characters for more flair!

COMICO is an acronym for “Comic Book Fonts for Children.”

Comico: A Kid-Friendly Family of Comic Fonts
This typeface is ideal for creating comic book style headers and titles. However, that’s not all of it. Use this typeface on everything from book covers to T-shirt designs to movie posters to Facebook covers. Your designs will have that extra something special to attract both young and old with its charmingly childlike aesthetic.

Balloon – Free Font for Children

Balloon – Free Font for Children
Free balloon font with a playful textured style that makes each letter appear like a balloon. This typeface is great for use in any kind of kid-friendly artwork. It’s free for non-commercial usage, so go ahead and use it.

Free Comic Book Boy Kid Bubble Font

Cartoon males – Downloadable kid-friendly bubble font
This typeface is perfect for making space-themed titles and headers. It’s also got a comic book aesthetic that’s a lot of fun and gives it an informal air. If you only want to use it for yourself, you may download the font for free.

Font: Fruit Punch (Children’s) Display

Display Font for Children: Fruit Punch
Modern characters are included in the playful Fruit Punch typeface for youngsters. The colourful and imaginative lettering is sure to capture the attention of young and old alike. The typeface works well for package graphics, ads, and greeting cards.

Kid’s Happiness – A Playful Font Family for Kids

Children’s Font Full of Joyful Expressions
This typeface is perfect for use in kid-friendly projects because to its bubble-style letters. It’s perfect for making artwork for children’s books, posters, and toys of all kinds. All capitals are used in the typeface.

Children’s Book Font for Bedtime Stories

Font for children’s literature
This kid-friendly typeface was created with book and CD cover design for young readers and educational materials in mind. The typeface’s cute characters were inspired by children’s handwriting and come with the font. Both capital and lowercase characters are present.

Font for Children, Designed by Childart

Typeface for Children, designed by Childart, that is Fun and Playful
The goal of the Childart typeface was to encourage youngsters’ imaginations. The whimsical and joyful letter design works nicely with educational materials like children’s drawing books, art posters, and school banners. There are both capital and lowercase letters available in this typeface.

Rock Castle – Kid-Friendly Cartoon Font

Castle Rock – Kid’s Cartoon
For some lighthearted fun, try Castle Rock, a typeface with a cartoony letter design perfect for young readers. Posters, T-shirts, book covers, video game titles, and more can all be designed with this versatile typeface. It looks fantastic when combined with textures and patterns, so try out a variety of approaches to discover the one that works best for you.

Font for Kids Books, Book Kid, Free!

In other words, Book Kid is a free kid-friendly font.
Each letter in this typeface has a playful, cartoonish appearance that is likely to attract the interest of young readers. It’s an all-caps typeface, and some of the letters are rather unique. Use it without cost for non-commercial purposes.

Playkidos: A Fun, Free Font for Children

Download the free and fun Playkidos Kid’s Font now!
Similarly to Futura, Playkidos is a free typeface that may be used to create stylish titles for a range of kid-friendly projects. The font has thin, tall letters in creative arrangements. You may use it for free on a personal level.

For Young Learners: Playfall – An Educational Font

Font for Children’s Education Playing on the Word “Playfall”
You can use this kid-friendly typeface for everything from school banners to book covers, posters, and even website designs. The font family includes both capital and lowercase characters, as well as rounded and outline variants.

Cute Children’s Font: Little Mimi

Cute Children’s Font: Little Mimi
As far as cuteness goes, this typeface is up there with the best of them. The cast of characters is simply the sweetest and most naive-looking lot ever assembled. Use this typeface for everything from storybook covers to greeting cards to children’s product packaging.

Children’s Handwriting Font – Inkwell

Font for children’s handwriting: Inkwell
This typeface is ideal if you’d want your text to have the appearance of being hand-drawn by a youngster. Its letter designs are imaginative and reminiscent of a child’s handwriting. Both capital and lowercase characters are included in the typeface.

Adorable Kid Jokes – Laugh Out Loud Font

Display Font for Cute Cartoon Children
The chunky, cartoonish characters of this typeface make it a lot of fun to use. These wacky looking letters are perfect for making bold titles that youngsters will love. Useful for many different types of artwork like book covers, movie titles, posters, and more.

Introducing Garsie, a Contemporary Font for Kids

Garsie – Contemporary Font for Kids
Children’s typography and drawings served as inspiration for this font’s creation, but its clean, contemporary lines make it ideal for use in anything from T-shirt and poster design to website headers. Both children and adults may use it for their creative projects.

Children’s Blobby Chug Font

Children’s Blobby Chug Font

Its name is apt, since this typeface produces a string of characters that resemble squiggles. Use this playful typeface in any project aimed towards children. The typeface is offered in two variations: filled and outlined.

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