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10 Best Fonts for Apps to Use in Your Next Project



For a mobile app to look as well as it does, there is a lot of back-end effort involved. Mobile applications are the result of a collaborative effort between designers and developers.

The difficulty for mobile app developers and designers is to make their applications stand out in a crowded market. Finding a typeface that fits well with the app is one method of doing this. The font you choose may have a huge impact on your app.

Here are the top ten fonts for your next mobile app design project. Creative Market can provide you with some front-end assistance while teaching you how to choose appropriate typefaces for your mobile applications.

Choosing a Font for Your App’s Design

An app’s user experience may be made or broken by the typeface it uses. A variety of fonts may be used to express various personalities and offer your app a unique appearance and feel.

Remember that the fundamental function of a typeface is to convey your message and convey your message. A well-chosen typeface for your mobile app can enhance your design and eventually improve the user experience.

Choosing a Font: Some Things to Keep in Mind

For your user interface, you’ve done your study and come up with a few typefaces in mind (UI). The typeface you choose for your app may have a significant impact on how well it performs.

When considering typefaces for your app’s user interface, ask yourself these three questions:

Do you think the font is legible?

When selecting a typeface for a mobile device, it’s crucial to consider readability. Because of the difficulty of reading the font you choose, your users may not be able to appreciate the full potential of your software. As a result, you want your app’s users to have the knowledge and skills necessary to determine whether or not your app’s content is something they will find both helpful and worthwhile.

Does the Font Come in Different Weights?

The thickness of a letter’s stroke is what determines a font’s weight. Font weights may range from thin to particularly thick in a typeface. It is possible in certain mobile applications to allow your users to choose the font weight they like. Various font weights make it easier for different readers to read.

10 Best Fonts for Apps to Use in Your Next Project
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Choosing the right font-weight is an important part of creating a visually appealing app. The weight of your font will change the appearance of the text on the screen, ranging from light to bold. A font family like Finis Text, with its several font weights, is an excellent choice for a text-intensive mobile app.

What is the Font’s Readability?

Many free fonts are accessible online, so you may easily select a typeface that has previously been used in other mobile and web applications.

The Creative Market has hundreds of fonts to choose from if you want to make your app stand out from the crowd. If you’re working on an app or a website, check out the mobile typefaces available on Creative Market.

Greatest typefaces for mobile applications.

Consider the readability of your typeface when it’s presented at smaller sizes when selecting the finest fonts for mobile applications. It’s important to keep in mind that your font will be seen on a variety of mobile devices, so choose a sans serif that’s easy on the eyes.

Some of the greatest typefaces for mobile applications are included below, including:

1. Grotesco

Latino rhythm and flare are combined with the utility of an American sans serif in Grotesco, a South American grotesque font family Because of its friendly and engaging appearance, this dynamic design, which is available in 20 font variations, is ideal for digital use.

10 Best Fonts for Apps to Use in Your Next Project
Grotesco by Latinotype in Fonts

2. Ageo

This sans serif typeface has a softer geometric shape and is called Ageo. This typeface is a perfect blend of Bauhaus and current designs, with 18 fonts ranging from thin to strong (with matching italics!). With its pleasant and open curves, this family of sans serif fonts is ideal for applications that need a lot of reading.

10 Best Fonts for Apps to Use in Your Next Project
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3. Davish

Davish is a monoline sans serif typeface with a simple design. There are 13 font styles to choose from, ranging from thin to strong, and this typeface is guaranteed to give your website a professional but bold appearance. Classic typography meets contemporary minimalism in this sans-serif typeface that’s perfect for productivity applications that don’t need much thought.

10 Best Fonts for Apps to Use in Your Next Project
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4. Visby

The Arctic has influenced the design of the humanist sans serif font Visby. With 16 font variations to choose from, this sans serif font family is perfect for usage on mobile devices of any size. When employed in lowercase, the typeface has a neutral yet pleasant aspect; on the other hand, its capital letters offer a more sophisticated and authoritative appearance.

10 Best Fonts for Apps to Use in Your Next Project
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5. TT Wellingtons

English humanist sans serif font forms from the early 20th century meets the geometric type demands of current design in TT Wellingtons, a refined typeface. If you’re looking for a mobile font that’s easy to read at any size, this typeface is for you.

10 Best Fonts for Apps to Use in Your Next Project
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A list of the best fonts for designing web applications.

Web app designers have a bit more leeway when it comes to picking a suitable typeface since they’re dealing with a larger screen. Fonts that are readily readable on mobile devices are still important, but so are fonts that convey the information of your web app in a clear and succinct manner.

For web app design, here are some of the greatest fonts:

An example of an industrial sans serif

6. Industrial Sans

Modern and minimalist websites will benefit from using the industrial sans serif font. In addition to six fonts, this typeface has a clean and industrial look.

7. Urbani 

The 18 font types of the Urbani family combine neohumanist and neogrotesque influences. Text-heavy applications benefit from these typefaces’ simplicity and readability across a wide range of screen sizes, which makes them ideal for such projects.

10 Best Fonts for Apps to Use in Your Next Project
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8. Brada Sans 

Eight typefaces were used to create Brada Sans. For applications aiming for a more refined and polished appearance, this might be ideal. Regardless of whether the app is read on a laptop or mobile phone, the clean and contemporary font works well for applications with extensive stretches of text.

10 Best Fonts for Apps to Use in Your Next Project
Brada sans – A designers font family by Twinbrush in Fonts

9. Flatline Serif

Elegant and sleek, the Flatline collection of serif fonts will elevate any online project. A sans serif typeface like Proxima Nova or Open Sans will function best with this font family’s 16 font variants. Flatline Serif is a contemporary font family that lends a high-end look and feel to any online application.

10 Best Fonts for Apps to Use in Your Next Project
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10. Chesna Grotesk

Avenir, Futura, and Circular were among the iconic grotesque designs that inspired this geometric sans serif typeface. Extended language support, fractions, tabulated numbers, arrows, alternate characters, and ligatures are all included in Chesna’s extensive set of features.

10 Best Fonts for Apps to Use in Your Next Project
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Choosing a typeface for an app may be a daunting task, but the fonts mentioned above should make it a bit simpler. Always keep in mind that a well-chosen typeface may make or break an app’s appearance and readability. For both online and mobile applications, choose a typeface that may be used on both platforms.

As a starting point, Creative Market includes a broad variety of typefaces and templates that you may use for your creative projects! The app design templates and creative mobile & web mockups available on Creative Market may assist you in bringing your ideas to life. Start creating your mobile app concept immediately by signing up for an account!

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